printed on the 05-25-2018
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In just about any case (new project, renewal, updating, extension, etc.), AGECO has very significant experience (several hundred applications made to date) in the preparation of sundry permit applications 

  • Environment / operating permits
  • ICPE (environmental protection) applications 
  • Building / planning permits
  • Mixed / single permits
  • Social and economic permits
  • Environmental declarations
  • Etc.
  • AGECO takes responsibility for gathering the information, preparing the permit application (forms, annexes, checking of drawings, etc.) and presenting it informally to the relevant authorities who will either give an opinion or issue an approval. AGECO also takes responsibility for the official submission of the permit application.

    AGECO then provides active follow up of progress by the various authorities, on the one hand to check that the timescale is being met and, on the other hand, if applicable, to provide any additional information required by the authorities. It is in this way that AGECO is clearly able to reduce the risk of a refusal of permit.