Brussels Greenfield: grants for remediation

Let AGECO help you getting grants for soil remediation in the Brussels Region thanks to Brussels Greenfields !

BREEAM takes clearly the lead
Sustainable construction: Ageco is on its way to become very soon BREEAM Assessor and may from now on assist you for your sustainable projects!
Realty 2010: let's talk Real Estate!

AGECO is about to open in June a new office near Gent in Belgium. You will be kept informed as soon as possible.

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Legal expertise

The considerable growth and changes of legislation in relation to health, safety and the environment add a considerable complication to the legal framework to be applied on a day-to-day basis. This difficulty is doubled in the light of differences in the regulations and often significant divergences in their interpretation between different countries and, within those countries, between the various regions, départements, communes or towns.

These regulations also contain a large number of interactions between each other, for which allowance must be made: humans, ground, sub-soil, ground water, surface water, operating and building permits, national planning regulations, industrial waste water discharges, waste, hazardous products (asbestos, PCBs, hydro-carbons, solvents, etc.), noise and vibrations, air and climate changes, sustainable development, safety, etc.

The multi-disciplinary nature of AGECO's consultancy experts, confronted on a daily basis with the application of these diverse regulations, and their links to our network of lawyers (who provide, when necessary, the precise details that are sometimes essential) will provide you with the assurance of knowing, precisely:

  • the procedures that must be followed and those that are most likely to be favourable to you
  • the standards that must be applied and/or, if applicable, those that can or should be subject to negotiations or an application for a waiver to the authorities
  • the external timeframes that must be met in order to meet the expectations of the authorities and to avoid the need for an appeal to a third party
  • the internal timeframes that must also be met in order to meet the often tight programming targets for your projects
  • the possible risks and/or consequences of the application, as part of your project, of a regulation in a particular field to other aspects of the environment
  • the official restrictions and/or penalties to which individuals and companies are exposed in the event of breaches (non-application or partial application of the relevant regulations)
  • AGECO can provide you with focused and reliable legal assistance in all fields of health, safety and the environment. In this respect, AGECO can be a valuable addition to your legal team.